Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Keep on Keepin on

So I've been looking for a project to keep my extra hours occupado (That's Danglish for "occupied") and I've always wanted to do my takes on ..... well pretty much every single comic book character. So I've decided to try and do 4 sketches at 4.5x6 inch per week. We'll see what kind of fun I can have with the characters and how many I can do. I wanted each series to have at least one major character and one lesser known character to keep it fun and interesting. The first series includes Scarecrow, Sandman (original DC version), Sheena Queen of the Jungle and your friendly neighborhood Spider-man. I'm really happy with the way all four turned out

We'll see which style I favor in future series, my usual blue pencil to pencil inks like on the Sandman sketch or the actual inks and gray tones I used on all the rest. If your interested I'll be selling these sketches at Happy Harbor on Jasper for around 10-15$ each.

And let me know what characters you'd like to see me sketch in future sets. It can be any character you want, doesn't have to be a superhero.


  1. Sheena is skinny ... needs more beef

  2. These are rad, loving Sheena!

    Get some Crazy Quilt up in here!

  3. I really like your inks, they do a good job of retaining the energy of the pencils. The Spider-Man pose is excellent, too.